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Coastal soils: when soil meets water

Dates: 25-26 May, 2024

Duration: two days. Departure and arrival both in Florence

Attendance Fee: € 500,00

Tour Programme: DOWNLOAD

Tour Leader: Alessandro Buscaroli

Field trip goals: Observation of coastal soils in a context strongly characterized by subsidence; salt water intrusion and hydromorphic soils; agrarian systems, natural dune systems and wetlands

Destination: Ravenna and San Vitale Pinewood

Soil-related topics: Hydrology, botany, geology, geochemistry

Other multidisciplinary topics: Integrated coastal zone management, exploitation of subsoil resources (gas, aquifers), eco-sustainable tourism, metal pollution by agriculture and industry, climate change (extreme events, global warming, subsidence)

Location: Ravenna (190 km from Florence)
San Vitale pinewood landscape
Tipic soil of the pinewood (Typic Ustipsamment)

Socio-cultural themes: Stop in Ravenna city, capital of the Western Roman Empire in 402 AD and famous worldwide for its mosaics. From 540 AD onwards, Ravenna was part of the Byzantine Empire as capital of the Exarchate of Italy.

Mausoleum of Teodorico
Basilica of San Vitale