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Pedology and paleoenvironmental sciences: Late Quaternary paleosols of NW Sardinia – (CANCELLED)

Dates: 15-18 May, 2024

Duration: Two and a half days. Pre-Congress excursion.

Attendance Fee: € 650,00

Field trip goals: Demonstrate the contribution of pedology to the paleoenvironmental/climatic study of important Late Quaternary pedo-sedimentary sequences.

Destination: Alghero and Sassari territory, northwestern Sardinia (Italy).

Soil-related topics: Soil genesis and development, pedo-sedimentary sequences, soil micromorphology.

Other multidisciplinary topics: Quaternary geology, climate change and sea level rise; archaeology.

Location: Alghero, Sardinia island, Italy
Panoramic view of Porto Palmas outcrops
Close-in view of Porto Palmas pedo-sedimentary sequence

Socio-cultural themes: Archaeology; pre-historic and historic human settlements in the beautiful Porto Conte bay under varying environmental conditions; paleoenvironmental evidence from coastal Bronze Age Nuragic site and Roman villa. Land planning and management; valorization of “geo-pedosites” having natural heritage value in the context of a protected area.

Tourism opportunities: Alghero’s renowned beaches, charming historical walled town,  and

Palmavera Nuragic site (Bronze Age), Alghero
The renowned Maria Pia beach near Alghero town