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Soils, Landscapes and Cultural Heritage of Sicily – (CANCELLED)

Dates: 14-18 May, 2024

Duration: five days. Departure from Palermo. Return to Catania.

Attendance Fee: € 1400,00*
*the fee include accommodation in single use room. In case of lack of availability or request for a double room (booking of 2 participants together) the difference between single use and double use room (twin room) will be refunded

Tour Programme: DOWNLOAD

Tour Leaders: Carmelo Dazzi, Vito Armando Laudicina, Giuseppe Lo Papa.

Field trip goals: Observation of Mediterranean benchmark soils of the Sicilian soilscape (Anthrosols, Luvisols, Andosols, Vertisols); insight of semiarid landscapes; soil use and management in Mediterranean environments; natural and agricultural systems.

Destination: Agrigento (Anthrosols and Vertisols), Piazza Armerina (Luvisols, Exotic Forest), Etna Volcano (Andosols).

Soil-related topics: Botany, Forestry, Zoology, Agronomy, Geology, Vulcanology, Geochemistry, Archaeology, Geography, Food Science, Viticulture and Oenology, Hydrology, Climatology.

Other multidisciplinary topics: Reforestation of abandoned land; Benefits and drawbacks of the volcanic activity; Large-scale farming; Food-, Wine- and Eco-tourism; Climate change and soil resilience; Climate changes: from problems to opportunities.

Location: Sicily

Socio-cultural themes: Stop 1: Agrigento to visit the Temple valley, one of the most outstanding examples of ancient Greek art and architecture, and one of the main attractions of Sicily  (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Stop 2:  Piazza Armerina to visit the Roman Villa, one of the largest, and varied collection of Roman mosaics in the world (UNESCO World Heritage Site).  Stop 3: visit of Mount Etna volcano (nearby the top of the volcano), one of the world’s most large active volcanoes (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Temples Valley of Agrigento – 4th century BC
Mosaics in the Roman Villa (Piazza Armerina) – 4th century AD
Mount Etna – Old craters
Mount Etna – Summit craters